Monday, May 31, 2010

1st fill

Starting a blog late is a chore... there are so many things I need to talk about to catch up. I will take my back posts day by day as I think about them. I had my 1st fill a few weeks ago. I was 6 weeks postop. I have a 9cc Realize band, it was empty after surgery. My surgeon (yes the put 3cc's in it during my fill. No anesthesia to numb it, I just laid back and took a big breath and the needle was in. You can feel my port very easily (thank goodness) so it was easy to find. Once he had the needle in he fished around the port for a little bit (45 seconds or so) and then I heard a pop, he said "You hear that? that means it is in." So, nothing to it.

He gave me a glass of water and told me to take a sip... that went well
He told me to take a bigger drink... that went well too
He told me to DOWN I told him NO ! he said YES !! lol
he wanted me to feel what a tighter band does when chugging water, it felt a little odd and yes I could feel something trickling down slower than normal.

I was on liquids for the next 24hrs... the first meal I had was grits, eggs, and toast. The grits and eggs went down fine but the bread was a little tricky. It did go down but was so slow that I opted not to take more than a couple bites... Not sure I am ready to experience something getting stuck !!!

I can eat bread now fairly easily, I chew really well and take super small bites. Sometimes I can feel the tightness of my band so I take smaller bites on those days . It is really weird, some days I am tighter than other days... What is up with that?!?!?!?!?

ok... gonna go... here is a pic... just random because I cannot make a post without a barefoot jen

This is a pic of my son and a couple of our bulldog pups from this past Christmas ;-)

Getting closer to my 60 day goal ;-)

I burn out EASILY... so I decided to make my goals a bit tough... I figured that since this band is new I will have more will power. My goal is 10lbs every 30 days. May 25th my goal was 232lbs...did not reach it so I am hunkering down trying to get there FAST so I am not so far behind for my next 30 day goal. I stepped on the scale this morning and I see 234... yahooooooo ! I am going to try REALLY REALLY hard to get to 232 by Wednesday... Pray for me !!!!

Went to a skating party today and my cousin snagged a pic of me... I don't normally mind pics but she got a FULL BODY PIC of me... then posted it on Not so sure I am ready for any full body But of course I will share it with my band buddies.....

and YES those are my skates, YES they are old (my mom bought them for me when I was in 7th grade), and YES they still fit, and YES I can still skate ;-) ... Barefoot Jen

Saturday, May 29, 2010

WOW:-) Band Buddies ROCK !!!!!

I was thrilled to turn on my computer this afternoon to find that I now had 14 followers... I am thrilled, overjoyed and quite frankly I am not a very exciting But boy did you band buddies make my day !!! Thank you bunches and bunches ;-)

of course no blog post is complete without a picture.....I should really take a new pic... this one is from last summer ;-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's go back in time a lil bit ;-)

Since I am a late blogger I figured I should go back (before I and tell you about my surgery day. Before I start I am going to apologize for my grammar and sentence structure... It will not be correct ! lol When I start rambling I use "....................." a lot, it helps when you don't feel like writing with correct comma placing... and yep there will be misspelled words too... just over look them ! lol

I had my surgery done at Shands in Gainesville by Dr. Cendan. Although I KNOW that Dr. Cendan did not officially "DO" my surgery he was Shands is the University of Florida's teaching I had a student surgeon... I know that is not the technical term but you get what I But the surgeon that I did have was wonderful, very caring and was really interested in ME...

My surgery was on March 30, 2010 around 9am... the Dr said the surgery lasted about and hour and a half. I really only have one complaint with the surgery process... they wheeled me into the operating room AWAKE... YIKES !!! They gave me some meds to calm my nerves, I guess it worked but it is scary rolling in there then a dozen people around you and talking and hooking you up, but as soon as they said to "count" I don't remember ANYTHING ... which is a good thing. They had told me they would wake me in recovery to ask me questions and that I would have a tube down my throat, but I would most likely not remember it... and I don't . They WOULD NOT let me take my glasses in with me, and I hated that. I am blind as a bat... my vision is 20/400 which is VERY and yes my glasses (which thankfully for contacts I dont have to wear) are thick, very thick ! Once out of recovery I asked them to find the person with my glasses and they said they could not find her... but she was there, I don't think they went and looked for I do remember that I did not have a catheter once I woke up, which I know some people do and some don't so I figured it was worth mentioning. Here is what I see when I don't have on my glasses.. so naturally I was bugging anyone that would listen about my glasses... whining to all about why couldn't I take them in there with But no one listened !

I was in my room by 2pm, and up walking by 3pm, and going to the bathroom by I had a student nurse that thought I could not walk without her assistance... so I humored her and let her walk me around the floor one time. The entire time she was looking at her watch like she had something to do... so why the need for her to go with me? lol So when when we got back to my room she proceeded to walk in the door... I had to stop her and tell her I was going around 1 more time... she was dumbfounded, looked at her watch, and walked again with Everyone said walk walk walk walk to get rid of any gas so that is what I intended to do ! I let her off the hook after the second time around, I told her I was finished and sat in the chair in my room... but after she left I went for another So gas was actually never a huge problem for me until I got home... about day 4 it was uncomfortable but bearable... the heating pad cures all gas in your belly !!! But you may want to buy 2 heating pads... gas tends to travel to the rear of your shoulder, so you need a heating pad for the front and

I was released the next day by 4pm. That morning I had to go for an upper GI so they could check for leaks.. all went well with that. About lunch time they said my potassium was low and was going to give me some through my IV... OOOOHHHHH MYYYY GOODNESSSSS ... potassium going through a vein in your hand is NOT FUN... it hurt so bad ... I handle pain very well and that crap HURT !!! It felt like my hand was on fire, I literally almost yanked the IV out of my hand ! The nurse came in and told me there was not much she could do but she could slow it down. She did that and it helped a little but my hand was still on FIRE, she wrapped my hand in a hot washcloth and that did the trick, but with the IV dripping slower I was going to have no use of my hand for like 4 hours. Dr. was ready to release me and I told him about it and he said "Just give it to her orally in liquid form" ... YAY, it did not taste good at all but was much better than via IV !!!!!

The ride home from Gainesville to Pensacola is about 5.5 hours... my fantabulous little cousin Hannah was my caretaker and she did a wonderful job ;-) She is so funny... while in the hospital she was so sleepy from our all night driving, so when we got to the room she crashed ;-) I had flocks of interns coming in every few hours... yeah just like on Grey's Anatomy... and she zzzzzzzzzz all the way through it. A couple interns even laughed a little... it was funny !

Pain was totally tolerable, once off my pain pump at 11am or so the day I was released I did not take any pain meds until I went to bed at home that night. Bed... well not really bed, I did not even attempt the bed for a few weeks. My stomach and body was in too much pain when in a horizontal so I sat up and slept in the recliner for a min of 3 weeks before even attempting to lie down

Shands Hospital was great... the call button does not seem to work because it is anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes before anyone attends to your call, thank goodness it was no emergency..... but aside from the flocks of interns visiting it was very peaceful. I was in the new wing of the hospital, everything was super nice. Each room has a built in "sofa' that folds out into a bed so there was a crash place for Hannah to sleep and play on her computer... and yes they did have wifi ;-)

No, I did not take any pics... shame on me again !!! Just was not in the mood to deal with "before" anything ... I was looking to the future and still am... I know what I look like when I am FAT, no need to remind Now when I lose the weight I will post a new pic for ya EVERYDAY !!!!!! lol

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yeah.. I ditched it ;(

I ditched Zumba tonight... Shame on me !!! no really... shame shame shame !!!! I feel horrible !!! Tuesday night my mind was running WILD all night long resulting in only 2 hours of crappy sleep.... than again last night I could NOT sleep... only 2 hours again ! I know that I would not have given 100% at Zumba so I ditched it ;( Promise I will be good next week on Tuesday and Thursday!.... promise I will try to be a better band buddy next week !!!... barefoot jen

Zumba kicked my Rumba ;D

With all this talk of ZUMBA from Amy W. I decided to give it a try... I am just like everyone else... I HATE TO EXERCISE ! But guess what... I love to dance and that is exactly what I felt like I was doing... Dancing ;0.

I love Zumba, had a great time... and boy that Adina ( my fantabulous instructor) can MOVE! Here is her link... and she now has Aqua Zumba, but I am not so sure that I am ready to put on a swimsuit in public quite

I seriously need to get a data cable for my cell phone so I can actually show you some pics from Zumba....... another thing added to my to do list... BUY CABLE... but I wonder if I need some kind of software to take the images from my phone... or maybe I just need to buy a memory card for the phone..... !!! lol

FYI: I love to roller skate, during middle and high school that is where you would find me ... at the skating rink any time I was awake and not at I still love to skate, but not all that good anymore. My legs feel like SPAGHETTI out My son Blade also loves to skate, and he is really really good.... yeah I am biased, but seriously, he skates better than me ;D So every Wednesday night you will find us at Dreamland skating. Here are a couple pics from a couple months ago... need to get some new pics because he now has his own skates. And, yeah I am a typical photographer, take so many pics of Brides, Families, and Kiddos that my own family pics are always put on the back burner... Shame on me again !!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FYI: I am a dork ;-)

I have been a blog stalker of you band buddy gals and guys for quite some time now... always having the intention that I was going to blog fromthe beginning... but yadda yadda yadda... I did not blog .... until now ;-) So I think that entitles me to getting to post the ooh so cool number pictures to show what I have accomplished... I have been so jealous of all the cool pics you guys have found so it is my turn !!!!!

My 10lbs lost mark was accomplished back in March 2010 during my pre liquid diet stage...

and I hit my my 20lbs gone forever mark in April 2010

not only am I a dork... but feel kinda LAME scrounging around the net to find these pics.... Being a photographer I really should take my own AHHH.. another thing to add to my ever growing to do list... take my own number pics ;-)

....... Later Band Buddies ...... Barefoot Jen

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shame on me...

I am getting a VERY LATE start with my Band blogging ;( Shame on me ! I have started this blog at least a dozen times only to stop with the first unfinished post. I am a photographer and this is my busy season... family summer portrait sessions and weddings keep me busy, then home to edit and BLOG ... so I thought I was crazy to take on another blog... but I did it, and I am glad I did !!!

A little info about me..... Born and raised in Pensacola Florida, still with my highschool sweetheart, had our first child 4 years ago (Blade, you will meet him later ;-) ) Was thin in grade school, a little chunky in middle school, 135lbs when I went into the 8th grade.... in the colorguard in highschool so stayed small throughout. I started gaining weight about a year after highschool... I blame "T" for my weight gain... he apparently forgot to tell me to look in the mirror, or step on a He still does not see it... but that is why I love him !!!

Did some crash diets through the years... 30lbs gone here and there only to gain that and more later... was 230 when I got preggo with my son, and was 262 when I finally decided that I was TOO BIG !!!!!

I had my LapBand surgery at Shands in Gainesville, my surgeon is Dr. Cendan. Very happy with everything so far... was 262 at beginning of preop liquid diet, 252 on surgery day, and now I am about 7 weeks postop and am 235 ;-) So happy so far...... Bet you are wondering what my ending weight goal is????? The only goal I have at this point is to not wear plus size clothes ;-) I cannot wait until I can shop ANYWHERE :-) I am working toward losing at minimum 10 lbs per month.

Well that's me in a nutshell... pretty exciting right?!?!?!?!?

Can't wait to meet and read all of your stories and become band buddies ;-) .... Barefoot Jen

almost forgot... what's a blog post with no picture? BORING... so for your viewing pleasure... a pic of me from August of last year ;-) Just so you know who you are talking to... ya know a name with a face and all that mess....
FYI: yeah, I am pretty sassy at times ;D