Monday, May 24, 2010

Shame on me...

I am getting a VERY LATE start with my Band blogging ;( Shame on me ! I have started this blog at least a dozen times only to stop with the first unfinished post. I am a photographer and this is my busy season... family summer portrait sessions and weddings keep me busy, then home to edit and BLOG ... so I thought I was crazy to take on another blog... but I did it, and I am glad I did !!!

A little info about me..... Born and raised in Pensacola Florida, still with my highschool sweetheart, had our first child 4 years ago (Blade, you will meet him later ;-) ) Was thin in grade school, a little chunky in middle school, 135lbs when I went into the 8th grade.... in the colorguard in highschool so stayed small throughout. I started gaining weight about a year after highschool... I blame "T" for my weight gain... he apparently forgot to tell me to look in the mirror, or step on a He still does not see it... but that is why I love him !!!

Did some crash diets through the years... 30lbs gone here and there only to gain that and more later... was 230 when I got preggo with my son, and was 262 when I finally decided that I was TOO BIG !!!!!

I had my LapBand surgery at Shands in Gainesville, my surgeon is Dr. Cendan. Very happy with everything so far... was 262 at beginning of preop liquid diet, 252 on surgery day, and now I am about 7 weeks postop and am 235 ;-) So happy so far...... Bet you are wondering what my ending weight goal is????? The only goal I have at this point is to not wear plus size clothes ;-) I cannot wait until I can shop ANYWHERE :-) I am working toward losing at minimum 10 lbs per month.

Well that's me in a nutshell... pretty exciting right?!?!?!?!?

Can't wait to meet and read all of your stories and become band buddies ;-) .... Barefoot Jen

almost forgot... what's a blog post with no picture? BORING... so for your viewing pleasure... a pic of me from August of last year ;-) Just so you know who you are talking to... ya know a name with a face and all that mess....
FYI: yeah, I am pretty sassy at times ;D


Amy W. said...

Whew...that wasnt so bad! I am now all caught up on your blog! I am thinking I need to arrange a big bandster lunch for all of us here in pcola and surrounding areas. Would you be game?

I think that the oil is coming afterall. I had thought for awhile that it wouldnt show up and we would be fine. Now I am not so sure. And now I am really scared that once it shows up, it will change our beach for YEARS...not just months.

I am so glad you are blogging!

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