Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zumba kicked my Rumba ;D

With all this talk of ZUMBA from Amy W. I decided to give it a try... I am just like everyone else... I HATE TO EXERCISE ! But guess what... I love to dance and that is exactly what I felt like I was doing... Dancing ;0.

I love Zumba, had a great time... and boy that Adina ( my fantabulous instructor) can MOVE! Here is her link... and she now has Aqua Zumba, but I am not so sure that I am ready to put on a swimsuit in public quite

I seriously need to get a data cable for my cell phone so I can actually show you some pics from Zumba....... another thing added to my to do list... BUY CABLE... but I wonder if I need some kind of software to take the images from my phone... or maybe I just need to buy a memory card for the phone..... !!! lol

FYI: I love to roller skate, during middle and high school that is where you would find me ... at the skating rink any time I was awake and not at I still love to skate, but not all that good anymore. My legs feel like SPAGHETTI out My son Blade also loves to skate, and he is really really good.... yeah I am biased, but seriously, he skates better than me ;D So every Wednesday night you will find us at Dreamland skating. Here are a couple pics from a couple months ago... need to get some new pics because he now has his own skates. And, yeah I am a typical photographer, take so many pics of Brides, Families, and Kiddos that my own family pics are always put on the back burner... Shame on me again !!!!


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