Saturday, May 29, 2010

WOW:-) Band Buddies ROCK !!!!!

I was thrilled to turn on my computer this afternoon to find that I now had 14 followers... I am thrilled, overjoyed and quite frankly I am not a very exciting But boy did you band buddies make my day !!! Thank you bunches and bunches ;-)

of course no blog post is complete without a picture.....I should really take a new pic... this one is from last summer ;-)


Bonnie said...

Found you through Vickie. Glad you started blogging - better late than never. I'm finishing up my insurance requirements and hoping to get banded in July. Sounds like you are doing great with the band. 10 lbs every 30 days is quite a goal, but looks like you are on target. Good luck.

Barefoot Jen said...
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Barefoot Jen said...

yes I agree... it is quite a goal. But I know me and I know I burn out easily... so I am trying my best to lose as much as possible while this is all new to July is just around the corner..... it is almost time for ya !!! YAY !!

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